Feature Films

Conocerás La Verdad (Composer)
LA CIENAGA Entre El Mar Y La Tierra (Composer)
Poker (Composer’s Assistant)
Doobious Sources (Composer’s Assistant)

TV Shows

Y Donde Es El Partido (Composer)

Short Films

Vampire Princess (Composer)
Inmaculada (Composer)
Borderline (Composer)
Bottled (Composer)
Juanito Es Gay (Composer)
Listeners (Composer)
183 (Composer)
The Recipe (Composer)
Multi Story (Composer)
Mind Maze (Composer)
Mystica (Composer)
Black or White (Composer)
Enterrados (Composer)
Conjure (Composer)
Intolerable (Composer)
Theo Buys a Cake (Composer)
Wonderment (Composer)
Antropophilie (Composer)
Pursued (Composer)
Anon (Composer)
Invertigo (Composer)
Smoked (Composer)
Prime Contact (Composer)
Lollipop (Composer)
Aevia (Composer)
Heroes Once Were (Composer)
Eileen (Composer)
The Things That Matter (Composer)
Like Mother, Like Daughter (Composer)
Hiding Rabbits (Composer)
Like Plastic (Composer)
Cassandra (Composer)
Ouroboros (Composer)
Stellar (Composer)
The Art of Being Hurt (Composer)


Mountain Bike Out of the Box: Iran (Composer)
Beneath Paradise (Composer)
Nefertiti’s Daughters (Composer)
26.2 Miles Closer to Living (Composer)
Paul Walker and Roger Rodas: The People’s Memorial (Composer)


The Climb (Composer)

Video Games

Blueshift (Composer)
Imsohighrightnow Parkour (Composer)
0125 (Composer)


Relentless (Composer)
Prime Contact (Composer)
Eileen (Composer)
Nefertiti’s Daughters (Composer)
Home (Composer)
The Art of Being Hurt (Composer)