David Murillo R.


I consider my life too short to score the number of projects I dream of working on. Hoping that it will draw you in and induce you to feel what the picture illustrates, my passion has inspired me to do my best on creating a new and unique voice in my music.

David Murillo R.


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Graduated Berklee College of Music in both Film Scoring and Electronic Production & Design with a minor in Video Game Scoring, where he was awarded the Howard Shore Scholarship and Latin American Full Tuition Scholarship. Currently based in LA, David is also recipient to the Trent Reznor Award for groundbreaking electronics in his scores .

David has contributed to more than 50 productions with artists and film-makers all around the globe. His love for music integrated within picture has allowed him to work with a diverse portfolio of collaborators. These projects have ranged from short films and documentaries developed in both the East & West Coast of the United States, London, Egypt, Iran, Peru, Puerto Rico and Feature Films produced in the U.S. and Colombia. David’s recent projects include feature film Between Sea and Land (Multi-Award Winning Film at Sundance), T.V. show Y Donde Es El Partido, documentary Nefertiti’s Daughters (Multi-Award Winning Documentary including International Festivals and 13 Official Selections), short film “Prime Contact” (Multi-Award Winning Film in the UK), and short documentary “Beneath Paradise” (Multi-Award Winning Documentary in the US).

David’s first instrument was Piano. At the age of 6, he proved to be a promising musical talent with an adventurous spirit, desperate to master multiple instruments. He complemented his performance studies with Percussion at the age of 8, eventually putting his focus in to marimba performance. Demonstrating his skill to teachers and directors, he was integrated into several ensembles from his native city Medellin. Touring around the country and performing at prominent theaters as the youngest musician in the Medellin Philharmonic, Colombian Philharmonic and Orquesta de Castilla y Leon, David was exposed to an ample palette of symphonic genres and instrumental colors.